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RIP Isaac Hayes 1942-2008

posted by Duncan at 9:34 pm on August 11th, 2008

Forget Southpark, Hayes is all about the soundtrack. Can you dig it ..

Isaac Heyesphoto: Cyberex

Connect360, iTunes and iPhoto on your Xbox 360

posted by Duncan at 11:52 am on August 13th, 2006

I’ve only just found this bit of software and boy is it cool. Since I got my Xbox 360 one of the things I really wanted was to be able to play music through it from my media storage. I have an external HD to store all the my music and photos on that I use with my Powerbook, but this HD is formatted for Macs only and therfore is not seen when plugged directly into the 360. I just want to be able to turn on my 360 and browse through my music collect or photos as if they were on the machine itself. This could easily be achieved if I had a PC or Media center as you can easily hook up a 360 to a Microsoft powered machine, but I’d don’t, I have a Apple Mac. I thought I was stuffed. That was until I found Connect360.

Connect360, iTunes and iPhoto on your Xbox 360

Connect360, iTunes and iPhoto on your Xbox 360

I already own the PSPware software by Nullriver for handling the moving of movie and audio onto my PSP. The Connect360 software is another work of genius and so simple to run. You basically install the software and start it up. That’s it! Then when for example you want to play music on your 360, you choose to play from a computer and should see a PC named connect360. Browse into this and you should see all your iTunes playlists and have the ablity to browse you music collection. It evens posts the play counts back to iTunes so that lastfm can still know what I have been playing. The same kind of process works for iPhoto too which allows you to view all your slideshows easily through the telly.

If you have a Mac and you have an Xbox 360 then you need Connect360, it rules.

Odeo, I’m sorry I forgot you

posted by Duncan at 8:37 pm on June 1st, 2006

I haven’t been to odeo for a while now. I kind of stopped using it when itunes added podcasts but I’m kinda thinking I should have stuck with it. There’s some great stuff on there. I listened to a bunch of geek talks today and some great mixes, but this one I really like.

Recorded live on WBA’s Underground Railroad the day after Malcolm’s birthday,‘s DJ 3-d creates a great backdrop of some of Mr X’s speeches.

Radio 1 rents virtual tropical island

posted by Duncan at 10:54 am on May 19th, 2006

This is probably old news to some but I really like the idea of this. Radio 1 have rented an island in the virtual world of Second Life and plans to use the island to debut new bands over the next year. They have started by hosting a virtual party that mirrored BBC Radio 1′s real-world, One Big Weekend event, held in Dundee. At the virtual festival, festival goers got a virtual radio to take home to their virtual homes so they can tune into Radio 1 anytime.

virtual radio

Could this be the future though? big companies releasing new consumer products virtually to test the water. I heard that Adidas has realeased a pair of virtual trainers in this way ( not sure if that’s true though ). As computers get more powerful there is no reason why not. I can imagine checking out a new telly, radio, mp3 player, or even car virtually. The pictures you see in magazines of such products are after all, ofter CGI versions of the real thing.

Jam and Spoon no more

posted by Duncan at 10:07 pm on January 18th, 2006

I was sad to hear that Mark Spoon (Markus Löffel) of the dance project Jam and Spoon passed away a few weeks back. Jam and Spoon created my all time favourite house track by producing the ‘Watch Out For The Stella Mix’ of ‘The Age of Love’ by The Age of Love (Bruno Sanchioni and Guieppe Cherchia). Gives me goosebumps just thinking of it. A shame such a genius died so young.

Nizlopi’s JCB song

posted by Duncan at 4:39 pm on September 30th, 2005

You have to watch this music video of Nizlopi’s JCB Song. I don’t really know much about them but the video is the most amazingly lovely thing I have seen in a long long time. It will make you smile.

BBC Listen Live OSX Widget

posted by Duncan at 1:04 pm on July 4th, 2005

[UPDATE] Hurrah, just got back from stage one of my holidays and I’ve just found out that we’re on the Apple site now.

After what seems like an age, we have managed to get the BBC Listen Live Widget live. This is a Dashboard Widget requiring MAC OSX Tiger and the Real Player Plugin.

I finished it around 2 months ago and had been close to bursting as I saw the stream of other radio player type widgets appearing every week. With a big help from Tom who provided the graphics and decided the feel of the player, we have a great little utility thats sits in the background and allows you to listen to BBC national radio stations on your desktop computer as if it had a built-in radio.

BBC Listen Live Widget

You can download it here: BBC Listen Live Widget and I guess via Apple’s site if they decide to stick it up there. We would also appreciate any feedback, as this will allow us to go forward and improve it in the future.

Odeo, Itunes and podcasting

posted by Duncan at 2:43 pm on July 2nd, 2005

So I have been I had been using Odeo for a good few weeks and still like it a lot. I love the idea, but I guess on a personal level I actually liked the whole interface and web experience more. It is so well thought out and clean. It’s a joy to use and proves how cool web applications can be.

There’s obviously a lot of DHTML (I’m trying to stop using the A the word), which gives it that very functional pretty layer. I also love the touches of Flash, only where needed. This is something I talked to people a lot back in the early Flash 5 days when I was much more into using the medium. Back then it was trying to get across that making Flash intros is bad as is making a predominantly text based site Flash only.

Getting back to Pod-casting, I have also just downloaded the new version of itunes (4.9) and have been trying the Pod-casting functionality in that. I have to say I am preferring the itunes way right now just because it is all integrated and therefore much simpler to manage. They still have some work to do though. Like my friend Jamie was telling me, it would be good it you could choose to just keep the last X downloads of a subscription. You can only do this globally at the moment. This would be useful because sometimes I want to keep every download in the case of Mixes, but in other cases I just want the latest to be kept in the case of things like latest film reviews.

One of the little things I like about Odeo is that they produce an RSS feed of the items you are subscribed to and have not downloaded. I have this in the right hand side of whomwah homepage and it is useful for me to see when I need to go back to Odeo and download the latest stuff. I know I could just keep the odeo app running all the time but I try to keep the amount of apps I have running down to the important ones.

Podcasting coming to Itunes

posted by Duncan at 5:56 pm on May 23rd, 2005

It seems that Apple are going to add podcasting support to itunes in it’s next version. Apple CEO Steve Jobs told the assembled crowd at “D3: All Things Digital,” that support would be added in its next version of iTunes (4.9), which is due within 60 days.

Source: Macworld

Tate Modern (Bruce Nauman)

posted by Duncan at 5:03 pm on April 2nd, 2005

I got round to going and seeing the Bruce Nauman installation at the Tate Modern today. It features 11 paired speakers all along the Turbine Hall which when listened to ambiently sounds like interesting background sounds. It’s only when you walk along the centre of the hall and come parallel with each speaker pair the sound becomes clearly audible. It’s quite a strange sensation, if you close your eyes the sound feels like it is inside your head. This with all the hundreds of people in the building and making there own personal noise makes the sensation only stranger.

Tate Modern (Bruce Nauman)

Well worth a visit.

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