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RevCanonical generates a short url for your pages, as well as adding link shortening discovery. You can use this url on character restricted sites like Twitter, in IM, or anytime you need a short link to your webpages. The discovery part means that other sites and services can also use the short url should they need it. Oh and this short url is yours, from your website. It does not use any external service.

Here's what gets added to your pages. The link in the href is the short version you can use:

<link rev="canonical" type="text/html" href="" />

This tag can though be customised to suit your own preferences (at your own risk), for instance this:

<link rel="shortlink" href="" />

That’s it! Oh and there's a great bookmarklet that makes hunting for existing short urls on a page really simple.

Download the latest build from below:

View or fork the source via GitHub: The Public Clone URL is:

git clone git://

Launched: Tues, April 14th, 2009

Author: Duncan Robertson []

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