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About Me

My name is Duncan Robertson (na Ponting, ne Pratt). I live in Godalming, Surrey with my wife Ellen and my son Hugh. I’m the oldest sibling with two sisters and a brother, and hail from a small village in Dorset called Wool.

I worked as a Software Engineer for BBC Radio and Music for 6 years, and I’m now currently working for BBC R&D’s prototyping team in London. Some notable projects I’ve been involved in, are ( p – personal | w – work ):

  1. Google Chrome BBC Now Next extension [p]
  2. Language, Timothy! A simple Google Wave robot [p]
  3. Subscribe to the BBC Gardeners’ Planner [p]
  4. Creating shopping lists from BBC Recipes [p]
  5. Keycell, an iPhone puzzle game that’s simple to play, difficult to master [p]
  6. Hydrate, an iPhone app that lets you manage your water intake [p]
  7. Fun with Quartz Composer and the BBC schedule [w]
  8. Visualising Radio. [w]
  9. TellyBox. A Mac app that plays BBC Tv. [p]
  10. RadioAunty. A Mac app that plays BBC Radio. [p]
  11. BBC Programmes iPhone Web App. [p]
  12. BBC IM Bot. BBC Programmes via Instant Messenger. [p]
  13. rQRCode. A Ruby library that encodes QR Codes. [p]
  14. Founding team member in the development of BBC Programmes [w]
  15. BBC Listen Live app for Facebook [p]
  16. Internal CMS and admins tools built using Ruby on Rails [w]
  17. BBC Listen Live OSX widget (worked on with Tom) [w]

I’ve had a very varied career path since I left school. I never really knew what I wanted to do until my late 20′s. Here’s a bulleted list of highlights up to the present:

  1. Apprenticeship with U.K.A.E.A
    • – I’m a fully skilled Toolmaker
  2. Watch Repairer
  3. CNC programmer -
    • – Made parts for British Aerospace
    • – Made parts for F1 and Indy 500
    • – Made parts for Telecoms
  4. R&D for X-Lite Mountain bikes -
  5. Freelance web developer
  6. Client Side Developer for the BBC
    • – Young Musician of the Year 2005
    • – 6 Music 2006 No archive available *shakes head*
    • – Glastonbury 2005 No archive available *shakes head*
  7. Software Engineer for the BBC
  8. Software Engineer for the BBC R&D
    • – Working as a front side and server side engineer, building prototype applications and tools

This site is as much for me to remember stuff I was doing and thinking about at a point in time, than it is anything else. If anything you read helps you in your day then all the better. It’s also a great place for me to test ideas and new stuff I’ve been working on.

I’ve had the site since 1999 and it’s been through many incarnations since then. I’ve always planned to get all the versions back up and running, but due to the many technologies –as you will see below– it’s more of a pain than a plan right now. So, it’s been ( from first to current ):

So, I do other stuff, not just computers. I’ve been snowboarding for 17 years, and still need to get to the mountains at least once a year. I run and bike, road mainly but sometimes mountain. I used to work for a mountain bike company and overloaded on it, which burnt me out for a long time. Oh and XBox –mustn’t forget that– ( gammertag: whomwah ).

So that’s it, you now kind of know me. If you’d like to get in contact about anything, use the email address below:

duncan [at] whomwah [dot] com

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