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Archive for October, 2012

Hey, I’ve got a new job

posted by Duncan at 7:19 pm on October 8th, 2012

I guess I should have wrote this a while ago but I’ve been busy. The headlines are:

  1. I’ve now left the BBC
  2. I’ve been in my new job a week

But never the less it’s worth noting down. If for no other reason that I don’t get time to write stuff on this blog anymore, as well as the fact it’s quite a big deal for me and I’d like to record it. I’d been at the BBC coming close to 10 years, which in this day and age seems like a really long time in one job. Certainly in the web industry. It was by far the longest time I’d spent in one company.

So where have I gone? and why did I leave.

I’m now working as a developer for They’re an agency in Guildford, Surrey and do some really cool work (why not give them a call). This work is all done in Ruby on Rails.

There’s your reasons, simple really. My commute to London is now reduced by nearly 3 hours a day, and I get to build cool websites in the technologies I love.

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