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Introducing TrainMode 1.0, now in the Mac App Store

After the relative success in the iPhone App Store of Hydrate and Keycell, I fancied getting something into the Mac App Store too. I had tried to submit RadioAunty, but had it rejected because it contained Flash! (yeah thanks). I needed other ideas.

Whist getting onto the train to work one morning, getting out my MacBook, and going through the same procedure of, turning off the Wifi, muting the volume, and turning down the screen brightness, it occurred to me that I could streamline this into a simple application that lives in your status bar. One click to turn everything off, one click to turn it back on again. TrainMode was born.

TrainMode #2

The application actually allows you to adjust a few things. Like which things you would like switched off, and how quiet you want the volume muted or how dim you want the screen to go. You can even set it to automatically de-activate after a period of time.

I have been using it every day for about a month now, and whilst it’s hardly life changing, it is proving convenient. I’d love to hear what you think? Get it from the App Store using the link below. I have also provided a few promo codes below. First come first serve.

Download TrainMode from the App Store

# TrainMode promo codes

If you could let me know in the comments if you used one, so I can strike it out.

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  1. Joao Antunes

    Used promo code WRPTNMF7MYP4

    Seems like an useful app, will try it and send some feedback. Thanks!

  2. Alex


    Love the concept of this app however I’m having some difficulty getting into the app’s preferences. When I right click on the train icon in my status bar it just activates the train mode.

    I’ve re-installed the app a few times and I’ve not got any weird settings for my trackpad or mouse.

    I’m running vanilla 10.6.7 on a 15″ Macbook Pro (late 2008).



  3. Duncan

    @Alex Have you tried Ctrl-clicking or Cmd-clicking on the icon? Right Mouse click will not currently work. I have though worked out how to support it, so I’ll push a new release out very soon.

  4. lavi


    Used that code ^^ awesome app!

  5. Rob Bevan

    Used KE9PN7HMK6N4. Thanks!

  6. A.Bottle

    Used HEAJR6TNL99L Thanks ABo

  7. Mo

    I used L6XPLN3HY47L (FJ3… and 7X93… have already been used by others but not noted here, I think)

  8. Tom Scott

    Very nice – happy to pay (didn’t use a code).

    I suspect it will be good for conferences when you can’t get power.

    Any chance of adding Bluetooth support?

  9. Duncan

    Thanks @tom. Yeah I think I’ve just about figured out how to do this now (There are no high level libs). Problem is, it uses a Private lib, so getting it through the App Store is unlikely.

  10. @swlines

    Just used 7AP3RXETWLWA, really cool app :)

  11. Jose Moreira

    I used HA37PW9L3WYP

    Neat app, I think that Tom Scott get a point when asking for bluetooth control.

  12. Sarah

    Great little app: thanks Duncan.

    Is there any chance that you could change the way the menu bar icon works? It’d increase usability if a click on the icon activated TrainMode, and a further click deactivated it. Then ‘right mouse’(or alt-mouse, etc.) could give access to settings.

    Maybe allow a global hotkey, too?

    Thanks again, Sarah.

  13. Duncan

    Hi Sarah, the functionality you describe was how version 1.0 worked. I then needed to update the app for Lion, and I also added more functionality. When I resubmitted the app to Apple they rejected it on the original functionality!!

    I also preferred the original, but looks like it’s stuck this way. I can look at the global hotkey option though.

  14. Sarah

    Thanks Duncan. Again, great little app. Use it every time I leave the house.

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