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Hydrate 1.4 : with added Reminders

After about 12 months, I finally git round to updating Hydrate. Loads of people had asked for reminders to be added to the app, and I had tried a few implementations, but it always seemed really complicated. I also hadn’t realised that the app was really buggy for iPhones with the ability to handle background tasks (which is not most of them). So anyway, I have fixed the bugs, and add a simple implementation of reminders, so hopefully everyones happy again.


You can get Hydrate 1.4 from the App Store today:

Download from iTunes

[NOTE] Oh, and one more thing. I have removed multi language support. I realise this is going to piss people off, but it’s a really difficult things to manage. I’m not multilingual, and I don’t have the funds to keep the translations up to date which even initially proved harder than writing the app. If anyone out there who speaks French, Italian, German or Spanish would like to translate the text for the app, then I’ll happily re-add it.

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