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rQRCode 0.3.3 released. Bug Fixes

Quick post to say I pushed a 0.3.3 release of rQRCode which fixes a few bugs that have been causing people pain. If you’ve never seen the library, you can check it out over at the site. Otherwise it’s just:

gem install rqrcode

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  1. Ernie

    Hi Duncan,

    Thanks for your work on RQRCode! I’d been hoping to use it on a current project as I have before, but I’m running into an issue that I have to assume is user error. No matter what, it seems to give me a code length overflow. Am I incorrect in understanding that it supports QRCodes up to v40?

  2. Duncan

    @Ernie, could you provide me with the parameters that are causing the error, and I’ll take a look. Oh and what version of Ruby you are using.

  3. John

    Here’s an example (using 0.4.1 on ruby 1.9.2) that causes this error:

    qr = ’12345678901234567890123456789012345′, :size => 4, :level => :h )

    34 characters is ok, 35 fails with “code length overflow”. You could drop the size and level from that example, as 4 and h are the defaults.

    If I change level, the error happens at a different points:

    h: > 34 chars fails
    q: > 46 chars fails
    m: > 62 chars fails
    l: > 78 chars fails

  4. John

    My comment above assumes that size 4 should support 67-114 characters (according to wikipedia).

  5. John

    Nevermind, the DensoWave web site clearly shows that if the data is marked as “binary” that those are the maximum sizes, so I’m assuming rqrcode defaults to binary. The wikipedia page lists alphanumeric sizes (but they copied the numbers wrong also.)

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