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2011 is already turning out to be amazing

posted by Duncan at 9:55 am on January 7th, 2011

The end of 2010 saw the birth of a son, Hugh. He is beautiful, and will surely mean that I don’t get as much time for side projects as I normally would. It’s not like a write on this blog every week, but posts will likely be even more sparse.


As for 2011, I will be going with the flow. As usual, I’m planning on learning many new skills. I’ve been experimenting with Blender all over Christmas, rekindling my love for 3d modelling and animation. I also quite fancy learning how to plaster.

One thing I would also really like to see in 2011, is people blogging again. I used to love reading posts from people I really respect in the industry, and being pointed in directions I would not ordinarily go in. I think Twitter and it’s 140 character limit has hidden all these wonderfully clever people in a sea of chit-chat. Come on people, start teaching us again.

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