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RadioAunty 2.1 gets 7 day catchup and BBC local radio support

After the excitement of getting liveText into RadioAunty, I thought I’d get my head down and implement the two biggest features I get asked for. These being:

  • Choose from any of the 66 online BBC Radio stations
  • Navigate through the past 7 days ondemand listening

local BBC radioSee more RadioAunty photos

So, this update has taken quite a few train journeys, but I hope you’ll agree with me in thinking the hard work has paid off. I’m really quite pleased with the results. The application now packs quite a punch feature wise, but still fulfils its primary remit of being really simple to operate, hiding any extra functionality from those that just want to listen to the Radio.

As always, if you’re not interested in reading this stuff, your current version will autoupdate, or just head off to and download it.

Local Radio Support. Currently in RadioAunty, you can only listen to the national stations. There are many more BBC stations available, specifically local ones. You can now go into the preferences, and choose from all the BBC stations, selecting which ones appear in the Listen menu.

local radioSee more RadioAunty photos

The ability to now opt-in to these extra stations is a design choice. The most important thing for me, is that RadioAunty is just a simple radio (the same goes for TellyBox as a television). All these updates I build bring great extra functionality, but my first assumption is that people couldn’t care less, and just want to listen to the radio. Anything I do to make this more complex, just means they won’t use it.

So, now, not only do you have the opportunity to listen to these other stations easily, you also get the current schedule and the ability to play catchup shows too, all within a very simple interface.

7 day catchupSee more RadioAunty photos

7 Day Catchup. Talking of catchup, this brings me on to the other big feature I have added. I really think this one takes RadioAunty to a new level, and why I still believe native radio listening applications, with their ability to spread the UI around desktop, will always be far superior to anything you could do on a website. The ability to simply see all of the available catchup programs for the last 7 days in simple menus. If you can click them, you can play them. So if you’re listening to Radio 1 on Monday and would like to listen to the Essential Mix you missed because you were in bed, you can now simply navigate to the previous Friday, and see the essential mix in the drop down menu.

catchupSee more RadioAunty photos

Also, as you can see above, when you hover on any of these menu items, you also get a brief synopsis and how long there is left to listen.

So, if you like this application and it’s features, please spread the word. I really believe this is a great way to listen or catch up on BBC Radio.

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  1. Chris

    Fantastic update Duncan! The catch-up schedule is very quick, which makes it some much easier to navigate than “other radio websites”! Thank you!

  2. keith

    Where’s Radio Aunty gone? Will it be coming back?

  3. keith

    Ah! I found it here!

  4. keith

    Wow, such a great little app. Thanks!

    Just one thing – programme titles are showing html &symbol; thingies, e.g. Woman’s Hour was rendered as Woman's Hour.

  5. Duncan

    @Keith. Actually the titles are BBC errors within their media player, and not under my control. I passed this information to the team that works on it about 12 months ago, but I’ve seen no change yet.

    RadioAunty was down, as I was making it available in the App Store. Unfortunately it was rejected due to the fact it uses Flash, so we’re back where we were.

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