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RadioAunty 2.0 released, BBC LiveText and LastFM scrobbling added

After talking about XMPP and pubsub in my last post, the I have just pushed said version 2.0 release of RadioAunty. It took a bit longer than I expected, mostly due to me adding the LastFM scrobbling support I alluded to.


A few things I should mention about these new features. RadioAunty is written by me, to try interesting things with the BBC’s radio player, that the BBC chooses not to do themselves. This means features may come and go. So the Twitter support is now gone. Due in part to the fact I stopped using the service day-to-day a while back, and didn’t want to re-implement the OAuth stuff.

The new BBC Livetext support is a little bit experimental. Whilst the service is stable, I can’t guarantee it will be available all the time, although I’ve seen no problems to date. This and the fact that it currently will not work if you don’t have direct access to the internet, for example if you are behind a firewall and go through a proxy. If someone fancies adding SOCKS support, that would be wonderful.

The LastFM scrobbling support is also a bit experimental. It’s using the API 2.0 Beta which is still actively being worked on. I created a little Scrobble class to do the work. Do note though, that the app will only scrobble based on the now playing information provided by the liveText service. Every tracked played is not always sent via liveText, so you may well see some tracks not showing up in your Recently Listened Tracks.


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  1. Einar Thorsen

    This is brilliant, thanks! Have been looking for something like this for a while…

    One quirk that came up this morning is that the app continues to scrobble to even though the radio is stopped. Not a huge problem, but just wanted to alert you to it.

  2. Duncan

    @Einar, Thankyou. The iPlayer console is a little confusing here. The stop button is effectively a mute button, because you can’t stop live radio. The problem I have with the app, is that I can’t capture any of the events that happen within the player, as it’s just a Flash .swf file. So unfortunately it’s something that can’t be fixed right now.

    I have myself noticed that I forgot to set the initial state for scrobbling to disabled, until the user has authorised. I suspect I’m have to push a few bug fixes like this out in the coming weeks.

  3. Einar Thorsen

    @Duncan No worries – thanks for response.

  4. Paul Webster

    I thought that scrobbling live radio was required to have a flag set to say it is such so that it does not go into the user’s history.
    ie shows as Now Listening only

  5. Duncan

    @paul, I have no idea about the user history part, but you’re right about the flag. You can send a source flag R (Non-personalised broadcast (e.g. Shoutcast, BBC Radio 1)). It appears though that this is not available in the new 2.0 beta API, which is the one I am using. Unless you know different?

  6. Andy Buckingham

    I believe the ‘radio’ source flag was added to avoid clients scrobbling a station name/stream title and no more as a ‘track’ (for example ‘BBC Radio 1′ appearing as a track by [no artist] in your timeline).

    I think the removal in 2.0 signals that this is a little ambiguous and that more generally you should be aware that if you scrobble something it should be a track represented by artist and title.

  7. Duncan

    @andy, thanks for the clarification. Just as a note to anyone reading this, the beta API is being true to it’s name ‘beta’ and not currently working as advertised. As soon as I figure out a fix, I’ll post an update.

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