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BBC Recipe shopping list experiment updated

[UPDATE] If you check the comments below, the Mobile version of the BBC food site has now implemented check boxes next to the ingredients list. This really is great news! thankyou!

Back in October last year, I wrote a post about creating shopping lists from BBC recipes. Well it’s seems that the BBC Recipe site has been refreshed. It’s awesome. There’s absolutely loads of recipes and the navigation is great, with some really useful urls. The markup of the pages is also vastly improved. They’ve even now got shopping lists! (no, my pleasure) which incidentally, has a broken image, I think you missed 1.4.4 from the url. Oh and more importantly, there is a Mobile version, which looks great.

But, I still think my little experiment has some mileage though. The BBC mobile version of a recipe still doesn’t fundamentally address what happens when I want to cook something. When I go to the supermarket, I want to look at my ingredients list and see:

  1. The ingredients I want to buy. Nothing else. Not that I need to soften the butter, or finely chop the onions. Just the ingredients.
  2. I’d like to know what I’ve bought and what I haven’t. In the same way you tick things off your list when you write it on a piece of paper.

Shopping list

So these 2 things haven’t been addressed yet, and I’m pretty sure they could be quite simply. So until such a time, you can still go to this url on your phone:

Which I have updated to support the new pages.

Oh, and they don’t appear to have a data views of the recipes. Someone correct me if I’m wrong? Again, this seems like it could have been done. Imagine if you had data versions of the recipes pages all interlinked. You could build your own recipe viewing applications, or write apps that would let you curate your own recipe book for friends and family or, oh never mind, just a thought.

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  1. Oli

    Your second point has been addressed… but only on the mobile version of the shopping list:

    First one is interesting. Sometimes it’s useful to know what you’ll be doing with the ingredient as it may affect which state you buy it in. Great app!

  2. Duncan

    @oli, great news! as for the other point, maybe someway of hiding and showing the detail? in the same way as the BBC programmes schedules does with it’s ataglance view.

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