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I built a Chrome extension, and yes it shows BBC Now Next information

UPDATE: I added a new feature. Reminders

I like Google Chrome, it’s fast and simple and works as expected. It’s currently my main browser, and with Extensions, it’s likely to remain that way.

An extension is a zipped bundle of files — HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images, and anything else you need — that adds functionality to the Google Chrome browser. Extensions are essentially web pages, and they can use all the APIs that the browser provides to web pages, from XMLHttpRequest to JSON to HTML5 local storage

I use a Mac so extensions have not been available to me, until that is the dev versions of Chrome started incorporating them. I installed it the other day, and thought I’d have a play at creating one. You can build them too, as their dev site is very helpful.

Using my standard use case, I have built an extension that displays BBC stations Now and Next information. Give it a whirl:

You can see what it looks like in action below.

chrome extension

It uses feeds from BBC Programmes, the upcoming feed and the lesser know service feed. So you install it, and choose the stations you are interested in. You then get to see what is on now and next when you click the BBC icon that appears in the browser bar. the results are clickable. You can click on the network icons to listen or watch live. You can click on the show images or heading to go to that shows programme page.

Oh, and if you’re interested in the code, it on available via my Github account.


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  1. Guy Strelitz

    Damn you Duncan, you build the coolest-looking stuff!

    When I was using Chrome I was disappointed it lacked Extensions, a-la FF, and it’s great to see they’ve plugged that hole. But the reason I ditched it in the end was that it was installing software updates without even informing me, much less asking my permission. It put a big dent in my trust in Google.

    I’ll probably go back to the browser if they start playing nice.

  2. Duncan

    @guy thanks. Yeah I know what you mean about the updates. I only noticed when it autoupdated this extension without me knowing. I’m ok with it right now, but I’m sure will get frustrated when an update breaks what I liked about a previous version.

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