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BBC Gardeners’ Planner in your calendar part deux

This is just a small extension to the original post: Subscribe to the BBC Gardeners’ Planner with the help of Sinatra.

I mentioned there that I needed to add some caching to the application, and also that it didn’t live anywhere. Well it now has caching (a feeds cached for a day) thanks to rack/cache and it now has a url:

Which you can now use in your iCal enabled calendar, one of which is Google Calendar, which is used in the photo below where I have subscriber to:

Google Calendar

I was having some strange problems the other day, where Google Calendar was showing the calendar titles as long email addresses. I think this may be a Google Calendar index thing (anyone know?), as it appears to fix itself over time so ignore it.

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  1. C Dodd

    I came across this as I searched for iCal Garden Planner. I think you have come up with a solution to this but it’s WAY past me technically! I have a Mac and would like to import something into my Calendar that like you says tells me what I should be doing when. Can you explain in basic terms if a simpleton like me can do this?

  2. C Dodd

    Ok – done it, not as difficult as I thought. Now have house plants, greenhouses and hedges. BUT unfortunately not what I’m really looking for which is a vegetable planner. Any ideas or plans for this?

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