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TellyBox 1.4, Twitter, Scheduling .. plus the coolest icon

[note] if you are updating and have the current app in your dock, you may need to remove it, and then re-add it again to get the new icon to appear straight away

I’ve just released a new version of TellyBox, version 1.4. This version pulls in all the new features from sister app RadioAunty, plus a few news ones specific to TellyBox.

If you didn’t know, TellyBox is a Mac app that allows you to watch live and catchup BBC Television (Uk users only I’m afraid). It uses the BBC iPlayer to actually display the telly, but wraps it all up into a native Mac application.

TellyApp screenshot

Like I mentioned above, new features include Twitter support and scheduling as per RadioAunty. I recommend reading this post to get more information on these. As well as them, the new features specific to TellyBox are:

  1. I have removed the default channel entry from the preferences. The app now just remembers what channel you last watched.
  2. The close button, and zoom buttons (red and green) now work.
  3. A brand new app icon (designed by David Wilson)

I’m really pleased with the icon. I know David spent a lot of time designing it, and for a first application icon, I think it’s awesome. I also knew the effect I wanted. I really liked the idea of the icon being a mini telly showing you exactly what you are watching in the main screen. It seems Mac icons can make or break an app, so I’m hoping this one can only help.

It’s actually quite a simple effect to achieve. It’s just about building layers. I use CGWindowListCreateImage to take a screen grab of what’s playing over time. When I have a new grab, I then construct the dock icon, using the grab at the bottom, then a version of the app icon with a transparent screen to give the glass effect, and finally the channel logo. If you minimize the app, or change windows using spaces, then the icon will change to the BBC test card.

Download TellyBox from the project page on Github, or if you already have the app installed, then you should get a request to update automagically.

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  1. Andy

    It would be great to find something like this for Windows..

  2. Tom Scott

    What about letting you assign specific hashtags to to a :pid and then using the Twitter search API to publish tweets alongside the programme? You could then, via OAuth, post tweets from the app to twitter.

    Might only be of use to those of us that watch TV and have a laptop open, but it looks like there a quite a few of us:

    Nice apps btw :) So much more useful than the standard iPlayer UI.

  3. Duncan

    @tom, neat idea, but I really want to keep the interface super simple (Gran proof). Maybe an advanced button in the preferences give you access to tech features like this. Would there be any benefit adding a #pid: tag to the current tweet that gets posted?

  4. James Stone

    Love the app… brilliant! I’m having an issue however when i go full screen (by clicking the fullscreen on the iplayer) in that it keeps the original window (though blank) over the top… It wasn’t doing it initially… but is now? any ideas?

  5. Duncan

    @James This bug has now been fixed in version 1.7 thanks

  6. Diggory

    Thanks for this app and RadioAunty – very nice.

    Just a quick bug report – in RadioAunty (and possibly in TelllyBox too, haven’t checked) you appear to have disabled the Command-W keyboard shortcut for closing the about window and prefs window. A bit of a no-no for us keyboard junkies as it forces the user to use the mouse/trackpad, and it breaks a system-wide UI convention.

  7. Duncan

    @Diggory I didn’t add Close to the main menu bar as it didn’t seem fitting, but did you know that CMD + fullstop closes a panel window.

  8. neuro

    Hi Duncan, any chance you’re planning any updates to deal with things like high res streams and BBC HD?

  9. Duncan

    @neuro, I’m working on some iphone apps at the moment, so until they are done, I will not being doing extra work on tellybox or radioaunty. I do have plans though to upgrade them both with new features though at some point in the future.

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