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RadioAunty feature update – twitter, scheduling and much more

In my on going Cocoa learning I have been working hard on updates for RadioAunty. ( If you didn’t know, RadioAunty is Mac app that allows you to listen to live and catchup BBC Radio ). This means the feature list is now quite compelling, so I decided to give and overview of the features to date.

1. Select your Favourite Station – Choose from all the BBC National radio stations. You can listen to them in Normal RealPlayer or the much higher quality ACC streams. Make your decision via the preferences screen.

RadioAunty select a Station

2. Minimise the radio – I didn’t think people generally stare at the player whilst they are listening, so you can now minimise it like you can with iTunes, using ^ cmd Z or the window menu. You can also tweak the width whilst minimised. You will also see that the window title shows the current show playing. This updates along with the schedule as time goes on. More on this next.

RadioAunty minimized

3. View the schedule – In the Schedule menu, you will see the day schedule for the station you are listening to (using data from BBC programmes). You will see a tick next to the show you are currently listening. You will also see that some shows are clickable. This is stuff you can listen to, that is available to catchup in iPlayer, it also displays how long left that show is available in iPlayer for. This schedule updates as you listen throughout the day.

RadioAunty schedule menu

4. Twitter support and other preferences – The preferences window gives you the chance to change some of RadioAunty’s settings and turn on others. From the top, we have updates. Turning this on allows you to receive updates to the application when they become available. Next is default station. This allows you to choose a default station to open with (I think this may be removed next release, and the app will just remember what you last listened to. Next is audio quality. It’s best to stick to high quality, but those streams are only available in the UK, so if you are listening abroad you will have to choose normal quality. Finally Twitter support. Opting in means that as you listen, details about what you are listening to will be sent to the @radioandtvbot account on Twitter. If you supply your twitter username, this will be added to the tweet instead of the default, which is your computer login FullName. The screenshot below next shows you what gets sent.

RadioAunty twitter support

5. A nice dynamic app icon – The wonderful Tim Broom made the current icon. The icon changes, showing the network you are currently listening to.

Nice Icon

6. Growl support – If you use Growl, then RadioAunty will notify you when a show starts playing. If you choose the twitter support it will also notify you when this information is sent to twitter.

Growl Support

Next then. I’m going to be transferring the twitter and scheduling stuff over to TellyBox (A Mac app that allows you to watch live and catchup BBC Television). So watch out for the updates. Then I think lastfm integration is on the cards. It’s be nice to scrobble what tracks you are listening to.

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  1. Sam Jacobs

    Do you have ANY IDEA how long I’ve been trying to find this app again?!

    Honestly, it’s been in the back of my mind for months now. So, this morning—when I innocently thought, “oo I’d quite like to listen to last night’s Janice Long”—I embarked on a quest to find, as it turns out, RadioAunty.

    I’ll be damned if I could remember what it was actually called.

    All I could really remember was that it was an app for the Mac, which played BBC Radio and TV, could access iPlayer and displayed the day’s programmes in a handy menu.

    After hours of searching and much hypothetical head-desk contact (not actual head-desk contact—I’d need to tidy up for that), I struck gold—or at least goldique—on page three (which ought to show you how desperate I was getting, since I never usually make it that far) of “bbc radio tv mac menubar iplayer” with and the line “(If you didn’t know, radioaunty is Mac app that allows you to listen to live and catchup BBC Radio)”.

    Bloody *bang* Radio *crack* Aunty! Of course! So simple!

    But not, as it turns out, easy to find…


  2. Duncan

    @Sam, sorry it took so long to find. Unfortunately, the BBC has indexed just about every search you do about BBC radio, even if the results don’t return what you expect, so the only way to improve the situation is to cross link, and hope it raises it’s rankings. glad you found it though.

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