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Visualising our SVN commit history

I saw a post on the other day named Ruby Swarms: Visualizing Rails & Git. The visualisations looked really cool, so I thought I’d create one myself. It is created using the code_swarm software and doesn’t require much work to produce something cool, tweak a few config files and bingo!

This is a visualisation of BBC Radio & Music’s SVN commit history up until Dec last year. The massive explosions are people freezing Rails projects. The colours of the crosses reflect the type of file being committed, and the size reflects the size of the file. It takes a while to get going, then goes crazy!

CodeSwarm vs BBC SVN commit history

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  1. Ilya Grigorik

    Love the sprites, the effect is almost surreal!

  2. Duncan

    It somehow reminds me of playing the Xbox arcade game ‘Geometry Wars Evolved

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