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TweetMe – Another simple WordPress plugin that Twitters

[UPDATE] Twitter have now turned of HTTP authentication which means until the plugin is updated to use the OAuth, it won’t work. I haven’t got time to update the plugin right now, but will when I do. In the mean while, the plugin code is available on github, so maybe someone else could add this support. Thanks.

[UPDATE] If you install my new revcanonical plugin, then TweetMe will use auto generated short urls from your own website, instead of going to a 3rd party site.

I’ve written a simple little WordPress Plugin to get me moving again. TweetMe posts a tweet to Twitter when you publish a blog post.


If you do a search on Google there are loads of similar plugins out there. The problem is after trying a few, none of them did what I wanted, and many of them seemed far to complex for the task in hand. I simply wanted this. Nothing more, nothing less:

  • I enter my Twitter credentials once and they get validated.
  • I decide how I want my tweet to look.
  • When I publish a new blog post, it gets sent to Twitter.
  • If I update that post, I don’t want it resent, unless I choose.
  • That’s it….

So that’s all TweetMe does.

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  1. Jason

    Have plugin installed and #title# in my tweetme settings, but it never seems to post the title??

  2. Duncan

    @jason, what version of wordpress do you use? Can I assume your settings look like this:

    New Blog Post at #title# #link# 
  3. matt

    Hi Duncan,

    Can Tweetme be updated to integrate with other ‘ long to short URL’ services?


  4. Duncan

    @matt It could be yes, but I’m quite happy with the service, so it would be for someone else to fork the source and add that functionality. Due to the rather messing link shortening problem, it would be nice if I never shortened the links and Twitter followed these rules.

  5. Matt

    Hi Duncan

    I’ve just installed TweetMe (1.2), but it keeps throwing an error that I must provide my correct login (email address) and password. ny thoughts? And yes, I’ve double-checked the login details :)


  6. Duncan

    Thanks Matt, I’ll look into this. I just installed 1.0 and I get that error message too, so the problem may be twitter end. I’ll post back when I’ve figured it out.

  7. Duncan

    I’ve just pushed out 1.2.1 which fixes this problem. It will be available when the servers all sync. Any problems let me know, it was done in a bit of a rush :)

  8. Steve Stelzner


    I’m glad i’m not the only one with the login problem. I changed servers 2 days ago and have
    been unable to reactivate your great plugin.

    I got the update and thought it would address this issue but it doesn’t.

    I get the message that the plugin was installed succcessfully and see it as being active on my WP plugin page but i can’t activate it even though the login info is correct.



  9. Matt

    Thanks, Twitter details Successfully updated!

    Great! Workign nicely with TweetMe 1.2.1 on WP 2.7.1. Thanks very much for responding so quickly. I can now stop using TwitMe, which I found out sends a boatload of details to the author with every tweet (bad IMHO). Anyway, thanks again, now I just need to write some content…


  10. Steve Stelzner

    I wish i could say it’s working….i’m still getting;

    Error, You must provide your correct Twitter login and password!

  11. Steve Stelzner


    it’s now working….am authorized but not seeing my posts show up on twitter.

    Any idea why not?

  12. Duncan

    @steve, sorry you’re having problems. I’ll have a look. I don’t have any ideas just yet.

  13. Duncan

    Ok, I think I sussed the not posting to twitter problem. It looks like twitter have changed something there end. 1.2.2 just released. Let me know if it cures your problems ;)

  14. Jeremy Payne

    I’m having the same ‘provide correct login and password’ instruction. What gives??

  15. Duncan

    @Jeremy yeah, sorry, I fixed one bug and created another. I’ll have an update out by the end of the day that will fix this

  16. Duncan

    1.2.3 Bug fix released, just need to wait for the WordPress servers. Once again, any problems let me know.

  17. Jeremy Payne

    Thanks, will try again soon.

  18. Steve

    Duncan, if you have a moment to answer I am just wondering how easy it would be to post to ‘two’ twitter accounts at the same time?

    I will take a look at the code within tweetme.php and see if I can make the necessary amends – is there anything that I should be aware of?


  19. Duncan

    @steve, it’s possible, but you will have to make a whole bunch of changes to the plugin as it was never designed for this. Good luck.

  20. Minh

    Still can’t use my Twitter username & password even though all info is correct. I’m using 1.2.3 version. How to get my Twitter account authorised???

  21. Duncan

    @Minh, I suspect this is because twitter have turned off HTTP authentication, and I haven’t updated the plugin to use xAuth. I’ll will update the post.

  22. Andrew

    Hi, I’m experiencing the same problem re: incorrect Twitter username and password. I have checked the login details which are correct. Is there any updates for this?

  23. Andrew

    Continuing on from above, the password problem is fixed but the blog posts do not post to twitter for some reason. It says the twitter account is authorised, why could this be?

  24. xianhybrid

    Hack again?!

  25. Alex

    Hey there, I’m having the same issue that username and password is incorrect although the same works for the login. The authorization doesn’t work either.

    @Duncan: Is there an update planned?

    PS: Using TweetMe Version 1.2.3 and WordPress 3.0.3

    FYI: For now I will use the Socialize Feature of Feedburner as JC001 mentions at – hope it’ll do it.

    Regards, Alex

  26. Duncan

    To anyone asking, I don’t plan to update TweetMe. I stopped using Twitter a while back, so I have no use for the plugin myself. As I have mentioned, the plugin is in the public domain, so free to fix. Sorry for any inconvenience, but I have to choose to maintain only things I use, as my free time is limited.

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