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Fonebank rules for getting rid of old phones

I found fonebank the other day. It’s a service that allows you to sell your old mobile phones without any hassle. It’s brilliant!

I had a whole bunch of old phones, just the phones, no chargers or boxes I wanted rid of. I could have tried to sell them on ebay or the like, but I’d of had to make an advert, and go through the whole selling process, which I didn’t want to do. Fonebank was super simple. You select which phone/s you want to sell from a list, they tell you how much they’ll pay you for them there and then, and then you just post the phone/s to them. Once they receive it, they send you a cheque. I got the cheque today. It’s £150 I wasn’t expecting.

Oh and the recycled handsets are sold and re-used in developing countries. If you do use this service, could you recommend me using this code:

Referral Code: Rrx1sQ

they pay me £3 for every successful transaction, Yippee!

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  1. Fonebank

    Fonebank are probably my favourite mobile phone recycler too. Very professional and so easy to use. I’d recommend them too!

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