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Experiments in Quartz Composer #1

I was playing with Quartz Composer about 6 months ago, and created a couple of compositions during my learning’s. I never really posted up links to them, so I’ve now rectified that below. I have to say I really enjoyed playing with QC and look forward to the all new more powerful version in Snow Leopard.

1. BBC ScreenSaver : This was my first and is an image attached to a layer, that is cloned and skewed over time, with muted colours and alpha transparency added.
OSX Screensaver

2. iTunes Flames Visualiser : This only works in iTunes and will pulse the flames based on the sound frequencies in the currently playing track. It also shows the now playing data.
iTunes visualiser

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  1. Philip Orr

    You should really get to see a number of speedups with Snow Leopard installed. I’ve been running it for a while on our development server and if if not entirly stable does create a slightly faster machine overall. Can’t wait for the final release, it really will make this Leopard fly.

  2. Duncan

    @Philip, cool. I got a copy of Snow Leopard at WWDC and had it running on a spare laptop. The version of QC was really feature rich. On a side note, what do you reckon ref SnowLeopard? I’ve got a side bet that it’ll be Apples first free download OS?

  3. Philip Orr

    You could well be right. I got a copy at WWDC as well and downloaded the update from their dev site. I can’t really see Windows doing something similar with version 7 just yet as their tied too much into their legacy systems.

    My main development is for the iPhone and iPod Touch creating interactive comics for kids. Really love the iPhone interface and how everything just seems to work. A quick plug here. Beatnik High is one of the comics we’ve designed and have a slew of others to follow as well as some major announcements later.

    Heading out again to WWDC this year when available.

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