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Repton and BBC Basic, a blast from the past

I recently found some old Flash games I had written about 7 years ago, and it got me reminiscing about all the old games I used to play on my Acorn Electron when I was a boy. Here’s a screenshot of one of my favorites, Repton.

Repton screenshot

I also have fond memories of Chucky Egg and of course Elite. Mode 2 graphics *sigh*. I can even remember the first program I ever wrote:

10 VDU 23,0,10;0;0;0;
20 MODE 2
30 GCOL 0, RND(128)
40 MOVE RND(640), RND(512)
50 PLOT 85, RND(640), RND(512)
60 GOTO 30

This used to draw random coloured triangles on the screen. I think the VDU 23 bit used to make the cursor disappear, and meant that you had to press break to stop the program. Oh and this was written from memory .. 25 odd years ago of memory too. Can anyone clarify this actually does anything?

[UPDATE] Just checked it in Electrem and it bloody works!

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  1. Catherine jones

    Wow, that brings back some memories. I loved my electron. All the cool kids had spectrums and C64′s.
    My first program was similar to yours and drew random lines on the screen, recently I saw a digital artwork in a gallery which looked surprisingly similar to it

  2. Duncan

    @catherine I actually brought my old spectrum 128k into work and opened the box for the first time in 22 years! You’d be amazed how many people watched open mouthed :)

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