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Is Chrome really just for Google

So Google have just released their new web browser, Chrome (in beta on Windoze, other OS’s following soon). I’ve had a play and much like many other people have found it:

  • Lightning fast UI
  • Lightning fast JS execution thanks to V8
  • Lightweight, or at least it gives that impression as the UI is very, very simple
  • Stable *well this is to be seen, but each tab running with it’s own process should help*

Google Chrome

Now, I don’t think Google built this browser with the main intention of trying to compete with other browser vendors. I think they built it as a UI for all their web apps. If you want to use it to browse other websites, then obviously it does that just fine, but it has been optimised to make Google’s suite of web apps ( Gmail, Calendar, Docs etc ) run super smooth, like desktop apps, and with Gears you can work offline, like desktop apps. You can see this in the design; the V8 JavaScript Engine has been “specifically designed for fast execution of large JavaScript applications”, the fact that each tab runs in it’s own process. If you have Gmail in one tab, Calendar in the other, it’s the same as having two applications open, if one crashes the other one just keeps working fine. The simple UI design. It wants to be as simple as possible, if it’s just a frame for the application inside.

I think that people could end up using Chrome AND another browser in tandem, and just using Chrome for their web/desktop apps ( Email, Calendar etc ). I personally hate mixing my web browsing with email and calendar, it all gets so messy and I like to have that distinction.

I’d be interested in what other people think, and if/how they will use Chrome?

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