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Hidden session saver in Safari 3.0

Blimey, this is strange. I haven’t written anything here in a long while. I have meant to as I’ve been doing loads of fun stuff, I just don’t seemed to find time not to do the fun stuff and write about it.

This is a small tip that I find useful and others might. I had always thought that Safari never had a session saver (something I really use in a browser as I always have many tabs open waiting to be looked at). It turns out that in Safari 3.0 this is already in there just slightly hidden away. If you go to the History menu item there are 2 options [ reopen last closed window and reopen all windows from last session ]. It would be nice if you could choose to reopen when the app reopens (maybe you can, anyone know?)

Session Saver

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  1. Kris

    Wow. Ive used macs for years, and I normally notice most things, but this i didnt.
    So thank you very much.

  2. David

    Priceless ! thanks a lot !
    I was used to Firefox session saver which is a must when you open 3-4 windows with 10 tabs each, now I can do the same safely on Safari…

  3. Jonathan M. Hollin

    You should look at ForgetMeNot and/or SafariStand, both of which support the automatic restoration of Safari sessions. I’d be lost without SafariStand personally.

  4. Ricardo S.

    Beware of using the hidden session saver, because it might let you down big time. Safari crashed on me with multiple windows and multiple tabs open. I opened it, and before restoring, I browsed a bit of other stuff. And Safari crashed again. Guess what? The next restore only gave me what I was browsing.. like 3 tabs. And this has happened a few more times, until I got sick of it and came searching for a definitive solution. I’ll check Jonathan’s suggestions now. Thank you all.

  5. Sandro

    Yeah, yeah, yeah!!! Thanks a lot. My Safari 5 just crashed after a long time again and so it started to look for an extension or whatever that i will never loose my tabs again with Safari. NOW i just reopened them right now. Nothing lost! Perfect!

    Thanks a lot!


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