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Connect360, iTunes and iPhoto on your Xbox 360

I’ve only just found this bit of software and boy is it cool. Since I got my Xbox 360 one of the things I really wanted was to be able to play music through it from my media storage. I have an external HD to store all the my music and photos on that I use with my Powerbook, but this HD is formatted for Macs only and therfore is not seen when plugged directly into the 360. I just want to be able to turn on my 360 and browse through my music collect or photos as if they were on the machine itself. This could easily be achieved if I had a PC or Media center as you can easily hook up a 360 to a Microsoft powered machine, but I’d don’t, I have a Apple Mac. I thought I was stuffed. That was until I found Connect360.

Connect360, iTunes and iPhoto on your Xbox 360

Connect360, iTunes and iPhoto on your Xbox 360

I already own the PSPware software by Nullriver for handling the moving of movie and audio onto my PSP. The Connect360 software is another work of genius and so simple to run. You basically install the software and start it up. That’s it! Then when for example you want to play music on your 360, you choose to play from a computer and should see a PC named connect360. Browse into this and you should see all your iTunes playlists and have the ablity to browse you music collection. It evens posts the play counts back to iTunes so that lastfm can still know what I have been playing. The same kind of process works for iPhoto too which allows you to view all your slideshows easily through the telly.

If you have a Mac and you have an Xbox 360 then you need Connect360, it rules.

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  1. Kacey

    I have a PC laptop running windows XP with iTunes and an Xbox 360. Does connect360 work with windows? How could I access my iTunes library from my Xbox 360 and a PC?

  2. Duncan

    @Kacey: connect360 is Mac only I’m afraid. You may be able to get want you want using this software: which syncs windows media center and itunes.

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