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Opera 9 is well worth a look, but is that all?

Now I must admit, I’d always been in the I’ll-use-Opera-like-I-use-IE ….. *ahem* Never! camp due to it’s own bunch of strange behaviours. But I’ve been playing with the Opera 9.0b2 release and you know what, it’s really very nice.

The bits I like. Oh and I’m using the Mac version__I assume the PC version is the same__. The most obvious plus for me was the speed of the thing. I find it renders pages much faster than Firefox__my current browser__ and in the relms of Safari, Omniweb or Camino. They’ve also kept the whole UI compact and un-obtrusive. Opera customisation has always been good but now it’s an art form. You appear to be able to change anything and everything. Other nice features are Session saver, Fast-forward, User styles, CSS3 support, blimey so much I like.

They also seem to have packed many different apps in. Quite a feat. Extras include Email Client, IRC, Bit Torrent, Small screen mode, Widgets the list goes on. I’ll be honest I don’t think I’ll use many of these extras__why would you not use Mail? and I have widgets__but the fact you have them available is a bonus.

But …. and there seems always to be a but with Opera, the bloody thing still doesn’t work on sites I view frequently. My first example is flickr. I visit this site a lot as it’s where I store my photos and the first thing I got was ‘your browser is not supported’ looks like the user_agent problems, I think they have set the user agent back to ‘Opera’ in this one. Anyway. Next, after I have forced my way in I try and organise some photos and the brower either hangs or does does nothing, oh and the DHTML menus don’t work.

I realise these are likely not Opera problems but not a great start. I don’t know how Opera fix this, after all they are well known for their Standards Support and it’s one of the rare few that passes the Acid2 test. I know this browser is good, no infact I know this browser is great, but if the big sites break it then where’s the confidence. I wonder if they can make it more flexible in certain situations maybe a toggle should/will work. Hmm, I guess that goes against the grain. You see I really want to use this browser, but viewing the sites I like is far more inportant.

So, in summary I think this browser’s fantastic but I won’t be using it just yet, lets hope some of the problems are addressed in the final release.

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  1. Drew Olanoff

    You have to admit, for a beta, it’s pretty damn good.

  2. Duncan

    I agree Drew, as I said I really like it. The problem is__and I don’t have an answer to fix this__the sites I visit the most do not render well enough for me to use it just yet. It might be as you mention that because it’s a beta, developers haven’t had time to fix their site yet. I really hope so.

  3. Grace Cahu

    I’ve been using Opera since version 4. And apparently, Opera 9 is still suffering from the same hopeless malady that will keep users from ditching other browsers in favor of it despite it’s (Opera’s) obvious superiority–namely, its inability to interpret websites as IE does.

    Fortunately, only a tiny fraction of websites I need fail when I use Opera. Using IE makes me feel like a cripple (with apologies to the disabled), so I use Opera 99.9% of the time. But its back to IE when it need to do business.

  4. David

    Every so often I give Opera a go to see how it renders my site at Just tried Version 9. Can’t get a page of my site to load – not even my google blog pages. I’ve tried to be as code compliant as possible without going totally vanilla (ie. plain text). If I had a lifetime for every browser – I’d make a version for each one.
    I’ve visited a random selection of my bookmarks (each of which renders fine in IE) and every one failed to load or was broken beyond use. Just a few of them:

  5. leone bates

    I was using opera 9.”can’t remember” last year and I liked it.But one day this year it wouldn’t accept my password or user name.I tried for 2 weeks to access but nothing.I have sent several emails for a new password or user name but got no answers so i deleted opera.I have downloaded different operas but still can’t get it to move.Mouse loading icon stays at loading but nothing happens.Also forgot to ask you what download location do i choose,there are so manybe you could send me an opera to download completely from start to finish as i would like to use it.I do hope you can help me please.Regards Leone.

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