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Yahoo buys konfabulator

So I’m sure most people have read today that Yahoo have bought Konfabulator. This I guess is good for MAC/PC users as you no longer have to pay for it. I messed around with it at work a while back and then promptly uninstalled it as it kept saying ‘register me!’ all the time. Now we also all know that Apple has Dashboard in it’s latest OSX build. I’m sure everyone has seen a ‘Apple ripped of Konfabulator‘ story.

Because of the work I did on the BBC Listen Live widget and the many requests we are getting for a ‘Konfabulator‘ version I thought I would have a bit of a look into that. After much searching I have to say I don’t think it is possible? It seems that you can’t embed the RealPlayer plugin into a Konfabulator widget and this is why no-one else has managed to create one yet.

It seems that the fact that you can use web technologies in Dashboard makes it way more powerful. I would be interested if anyone knows any different?

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