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Flash 8 etc

I went to a presentation by Macromedia yesterday on Flash and the future. I have not really been that active in any flash development for a while now due to just not having the time to concentrate on it. The presentation was heavily weighted towards Flash video which I am guessing was premeditated as we are currently do more video on demand. A lot of what was said I had actually read in books so nothing new there and the Mission Impossible clip that they use to demo with I’m sure I have also seen used in a similar demo somewhere before.

After this we had a brief incite into what the Flash 8 player will behold. We were told that the plugin is going to be rebuilt from the bottom up. It’s will feature:

  • 10x faster than previous flash 7 plugin
  • new anti alias engine
  • support for higher quality/size video
  • better masking (on the fly)
  • runtime filters

It does all sound rather nice. With this however will come a new plugin that is double the size of the current. Meaning the new one will be around 900k, and thats on a PC. I guess the Mac one will be even larger. And as for the Linux one, who knows. On that subject I asked if they were planning on producing a version of the flash application for Linux. He said that a year ago the answer would have been a flat no but things have changed and that it now could be a possibility in the future (hurrah!). I also asked if any of the depreciated action script in flash will ever actually be depreciated to which I didn’t really get a very clear answer. I never have understood why they have been telling us for years that certain elements will be deprecated and not one has yet??

Anyway it was a nice presentation which I found very encouraging. Oh and the food was nice too.

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