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Archive for April, 2004

back to the future – time machine recreation

posted by Duncan at 5:15 am on April 23rd, 2004

Someone has rebuilt a DeLorean in the style of the back to the future classic. A description below. You can currently bid for it at e-bay but you’ll have to be fast as the bid is currently at US $35,100.00.

You never will again in this accurate recreation of the DeLorean Time Machine made famous in the Back to the Future movie series. This recreation was painstakingly researched for nearly 5 years before construction. Dozens of original photographs, details, and interviews with the original vehicle builders and collectors were compiled to make sure no detail was left un-accounted for. All of the interior and exterior Time Machine components were made to last, but at the same time not damage the integrity of the original vehicle. From custom fabricated aluminum work, to vac-formed plastic, and cast resin – this vehicle faithfully and accurately recreates the look and feel of the original movie car. Stainless steel body panels, grey leather interior, 5-speed manual transmission, V-6 engine with Bosch Fuel injection. Motion picture parts replicated through archival photos and extensive research; working interior and exterior lighting system including the “Flux Capacitor”, “Time Circuits” and exterior “Flux Dispersion Banding

rocketman rises to new heights

posted by Duncan at 5:35 am on April 20th, 2004

A stuntman today broke the world record for the highest flight wearing a jet pack as he soared above London.

Eric Scott, 41, an exserviceman with the US Air Force, flew over The Castle, a 10-storey indoor climbing centre in Stoke Newington, using a so-called Rocketbelt. His 152ft-high flight has set the benchmark for such stunts. Other jumps using the Rocketbelt are usually around 50ft, though none has been officially recorded. Mr Scott said: “It’s amazing. I’m completely thrilled.”

Rocketbelts generate 800 horse power, more than a Ferrari F50 GT, and can go from 0-75mph in just two seconds. They were devised in 1961 by the US military, who wanted to prove that man could fly – and land on his feet. They envisaged battalions of rocketmen flying into battle.

Two rocket nozzles fire super-heated hydrogen peroxide steam to propel the user into flight. The 170lb rocket was strapped to Mr Scott using a fibreglass corset. Rocketbelts first captured the public imagination when another stuntman used one at the opening of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

Mr Scott – currently the only Rocketbelt stuntman in the world – used one when he took part in Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous” tour.

jay maynard’s tron costume

posted by Duncan at 8:22 am on April 19th, 2004

I read this on Slashdot. This guy was not happy with the quality of Tron costumes he had seen on the net (something that keeps me awake at night as well!). So he decided to make his own definitive Tron costume and log the process. The result is quite good but unfortunately Jay is no Jeff Bridges so the costume never looks quite right. Check out the photo and make your own decision.

Don’t you just love eccentricity. Good effort.

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