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Archive for May, 2002

Linux for playstation comes to uk

posted by Duncan at 9:56 am on May 26th, 2002

Sony has started taking UK orders for a kit to turn the Playstation 2 games console into a computer running the Linux operating system.Full story here.

A sour note for Mac users

posted by Duncan at 7:11 am on May 21st, 2002

New copy protection technology for compact discs may be effective in preventing the poaching of music, but it’s causing problems for Macintosh users. And Apple isn’t doing much to help fix the problem.Read story here.

Napster sold for $8 million

posted by Duncan at 3:00 am on May 19th, 2002

Less than three days after Napster founder Shawn Fanning and CEO Konrad Hilbers said they were leaving the project for good, along comes Bertelsmann with an offer they couldn’t refuse: Buy Napster for 8 million clear out the company’s debt and hire back most of the key players.Read full story here.

The guru returns

posted by Duncan at 11:49 am on May 18th, 2002

Guy Watson ( a.k.a Flash Guru ) has his new site up and running. Very informative as usual it is in the popular weblog format with a personal Flash version at coming very soon.Check it out here.

The 5k competition is back for more

posted by Duncan at 8:40 am on May 13th, 2002

The deal is, you have 5 kilobytes to make the best web page or site you can. They’ll organize the entries and make them public so people can admire and learn from them. Read all about here. Definitely worth a shot.

Yann arthus bertrand

posted by Duncan at 7:33 pm on May 9th, 2002

Yann Arthus-Bertrand has produced 60 books of his work and holds the the most prestigious award in France, the Legion D’Honneur, for his photographic work on the environment. He now lives in France where he founded the Altitude Agency in Paris, specialising in aerial photogprahy. Stunning images.See his workSee his website

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